ARM, OMAP, TI DSPs, DSPs, ARM, Cadence Tensilica, HiSilicon, PowerPc, PowerQUICC, Renesas, Microcontrollers & Microprocessors and more.
Operation systems: Linux, DSPs, iOS, Android SDK+NDK, Unix, Win, Vxworks, ROS32.
Language development: C, C++, Objective-C, ASM, C#, .NET., html5, java, node.js, python, Tensilica DSPs and more.

EDC has extensive experience in Security, FireWall, video/audio solutions, Networking, Multi core, embedded operating systems (Linux, RTOS, VxWorks and more), embedded firmware and, etc. We can offer customized training packages to ensure project success.
EDC has extensive experience in modifying and adding to your base system to create complete software solutions or using SDKs.